Delegation from Mauritius to Find a Method to Verify Auction Sheets

Delegation from Mauritius visited Japan early this week to find a solution for auction sheet verification and few other issues with related to importation of used vehicles from Japan to Mauritius. Mr.Saman Priyankara, the president of Sayuri International and Mr.Yoshi of the Prosperity Logistics facilitated them to visit (NAK) Japan Auto Auction Association, (JICS) Japan Innovation Car System, (JAAI) Japan Auto Appraisal Institute, Maurai Auto Inspection Organisation, Bureau Veritas, JUMVIA and Land Transport Authority ect.

(NAK) Japan Auto Auction Association is maintaining a large database of vehicles sold in Japan auctions from 2001, and this database is being widely used for verifying odometer - weather the odometer is altered or not.

During the meeting with NAK, USS Auctions former president Mr.Shigeo Hara proposed NAK to open auction sheet database to public or authorize JICS to issue required auction sheet verification by the Ministry Of Commerce of Mauritius. NAK officials promised to take the necessary actions as son as possible.